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We will send our personal trainers to you for group training or fitness classes! Great for clubhouses, businesses and communities.

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What People Are Saying About Guiding Fitness:

Muguet - 'What a great investment in my health.'

I signed up for private personal training sessions at Guiding Fitness. Wow! What a great investment in my health. Kacie is my trainer and she is teriffic.  I have not worked out in over 2 years.  Mostly because I was not motivated. I've been a member of the expensive clugs, but never found a personal trainer who understood exactly what I needed.  Kacie begun by building up my core strength.  Now my workouts are hard but fun and I always leave feeling good about what I accomplished.  I highly recommend Guiding Fitness!

Patricia - 'The instructors are terrific..'

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about GF.  The instructors are teriffic and the trainers are there for me with every question I have.  They are able to help modify any part of the training for those with specific needs.  I have had two kids and I am now smaller than I was the day I got married!  I am there 5 days a week and loving it! 

Clay - 'They took the time to develop a customized plan for me..'

Guiding Fitness really helped me get back into an active lifestyle after a bit of hiatus. By 'helped' me, I mean kicked my wobbly arse into gear! They took the time to develop a customized plan for me by taking full before/after measurements and photos and creating a challenging plan for me. They offer a variety of small atmosphere classes from yoga to boot camp, which is hard but oh so good!  The instructors are awesome and Kacie, the owner, is a really great person who cares a lot about her clients seeing the results they want and achieving their goals.  This is definitely a place worth checking out. 

Heidi - 'My kids love it too!'

I really enjoy the atmosphere at Guiding Fitness. Now that they are in the bigger facility it is even better.  They have a great day care for my kids when I am working out, and as a mom that was a must for me.  It is so much better than doing the tapes at home and my kids love it too! AWESOME!

Jessica - 'It's all about learning how to be more active..'

I love this place! It isn't your traditional gym with tons of equipment and no knowledge of how to use them, it is all about learning how to be more active and fun in a class setting.  I am not a gym person or heck even someone who liked to workout and I love the classes and the instructors here! I have fun and it feels like my 2nd family with people who care and look out for each other.  

Arielle - 'Guiding Fitness customizes your workouts..'

Absolutely the best gym ever!  Most gyms give you the initial tour and you're on your own.  Guiding Fitness customizes your workouts and gets you back where you want to be.  Whether you want group classes, a self-guided program, or a personal trainer to kick your booty, Guiding Fitness is the best around!

Misty - 'I feel awesome after 1 week!!'

If you need motivation and support this is the place to get it all!!!  I feel awesome after 1 week!! Imagine long term!  Super stoked to find these gals!! 

Linette - 'They are also really fun, you don't even want the hour to end!'

I love Guiding Fitness!  The workouts are very hard like they should be!  But everyone can go at their own pace, they are also really really fun, you don't even want the hour to end! ha haa

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