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Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate others to live a healthy lifestyle. Guiding Fitness donates 10% of our profit to support our mission. Total hours donated by Guiding Fitness as of March 2015: 586

Our personal trainers and fitness instructors all have solid backgrounds and nationally recognized certifications. We are now hiring in the Nashville and Lincoln areas. Click here if you are passionate about helping people and want to join our team. 

'I started working out at Guiding Fitness after giving birth to my first child. I didn't have very much strength or endurance. I started going three times a week to work out. Now I can lift and press almost three times the weight I started with. Added bonus, I have also lost weight and inches. It's great to go and talk with people and work with in a different environment and get a good workout together. I even bring my new baby to class and she watches and plays while we work out. I'm really thankful we have a partnership with Guiding Fitness.'

- Lori with Western Placer Unified School District

'The Strength and Boot Camp class offered by Guiding Fitness is an excellent class if you are interested in building strength and stamina. I've been working out with Mikenna for a year and she is an excellent trainer that will push you to your full potential and get you out of your comfort zone.'

- Jackie a Stone Lake Community Resident


Meet Our Team

Kylie Halcomb

is always optimistic and believes everyone creates their own future. 

Sean Gage

is talented and motivated. He works hard and takes pride in Guiding Fitness. 

Kacie Bryant

has a true passion for helping people change their lives. 

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Mallery buckman

is a true inspiration. She is always pushing herself to another level. 

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Customized Programs For Individuals, Businesses, Communities and Organizations

Bringing custom health and fitness programs to individuals, communities, organizations and businesses nation wide.  We connect you with one of our personal trainers, instructors or lifestyle coaches in your area and create a program to fit your needs or the needs of your organization. We are seeing amazing results and would love to bring healthy living to you! 

Customized Programs
created by passionate people

> Personal Training

> Fitness Classes

> Nutrition Counseling

> Motivational Speaking

> Lifestyle Coaching

> Corporate Wellness

> Swim Lessons

> Community Contests

> Youth Fitness

> Pool Monitoring